Development Standards, Guidelines, Tools and Best Practices

Welcome to Radancy’s open design and development resource on GitHub! We believe in open standards, transparency, collaboration and want to give back to a community that has given so much to us! Feel free to contribute to these documents or fork and use as a basis for your own development standards.

Accessibility Testing Baselines

Common accessibility barriers we seek to address in our every day work.

Code Review Process

Provides a record of the different resources used to create the code standards guide.

Pattern Library

A library of common design patterns, resources, and functional code for use on your next project.

Photoshop Guidelines

Guidelines for preparing a photoshop file to be handed off to development teams. Educate Yourself.

User Interface Standards and Guidelines

Our practices for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development, as well as other industry wide best practices that have been adopted by Radancy designers and developers.